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How to control the place types for Sleep, Eat and Enjoy categories?

Basically, in the app there is an enumeration, which is responsible for what kind of places to be part of the Sleep, Eat and Enjoy categories.

It's placed within the app/src/main/java/com/dmbteam/cityguide/googleplaces/ class - more specifically the enum PLACE_TYPES:

GOOGLE_PLACES_SLEEP("Sleep in", R.color.ab_color_green, "lodging"),</p>

GOOGLE_PLACES_EAT("Eat in", R.color.ab_color_blue, "bakery|meal_delivery|meal_takeaway|food|restaurant"),</p>

GOOGLE_PLACES_ENJOY("Enjoy in", R.color.ab_color_purple, "cafe|bar|night_club"),

What you can do is to touch the 2nd parameter, e.g. "bakery|meal_delivery|meal_takeaway|food|restaurant" of each type. Here you can find out what kind of categories you can have: